Pentinent is a website set up and committed to entertaining readers with stories and articles worth reading. It is also an avenue for both teachers and students alike to build themselves academically. With available schemes of work, recommended school texts, and notes of lesson for all classes and subjects, tutors and scholars will find teaching and learning a lot easier.
We Pentinenters are committed to not only entertaining you but also educating you. There are various categories that promise to make your visit worthwhile.

To the Teachers: We understand how tough it is for a teacher to prepare lesson notes each week, considering the rigours of researching and seeking appropriate materials. That is why we have decided to be doing the heavy lifting for you. Your days of having problems with the school management due to less-updated lesson notes; every week, we prepare and post the lesson notes for the following weeks (That is, at least a week ahead of the schemes). All you have to do is just copy and make use of the weekly updates. We will put an end to your trouble of carrying various heavy textbooks around before preparing your lesson notes. You can help us grow by informing your colleagues and fellow teachers about us.

To the students: It has come to our attention that about 80% of Nigerian students lack textbooks, and this has contributed to the high rate of failure in the country. This is why we have decided to create this platform for the benefits of students, too. Our site will provide you with enough materials to help you through your assignments and examination preparations. You can also read ahead of the class from here, or catch up on the previous topics you have missed. Past examination questions and answers are available to help you. Kindly promote us by informing your fellow students and school teachers about us.

Note: All our schemes and posts are in accordance with the Federal Secondary School Curriculums.
Employment Opportunities: We also serve as a safe link between schools and teachers. If you are a qualified teacher seeking employment in a school, you can send us a mail with your CV attached to We shall notify you if there is an opening. Or you can check our Vacancy page for updates. Likewise, schools that need qualified teachers can also send us a mail about their requirements.

To LSDites: For those who do not know, LSDites are fans of the novelist Larry Sun (LSD). A lot of his novels, short stories, flash fictions and articles will be posted in the ‘LSD Library’ category.

To Writers: There will be occasional flash fiction competitions among writers. These fictions shall be subjected to required themes, number of words and submission deadlines. Contestants with the highest number of votes shall be crowned the winners. The readers are the audience, and the power of votes lies solely in their hands. Follow the Competition category for updates and submission guidelines.
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(Pentinent…a continent of pens)